Hot Hatch-Honda Civic Type R

Hey vehicle enthusiasts, welcome to the first vehicle post on my blog! I am really grateful for all of you reading this. Hopefully this is something you will want to come back and read week after week. Now, onto what matters-the 2017 Honda Civic Type R. It has been quite along time since we had a drool worthy Honda touch rubber on American soil. I think the S2000 was the last one with an H badge. Because of that, the 2017 Civic Type R which will be released late this spring is exciting. This new Civic takes hot hatching to the extreme, with a turbo engine, stiffened chassis and some aggressive design cues on the inside, and the outside.


The Prototype

Honda showed off the Civic Type R Hatchback last year with a nearly production ready prototype, but they had no numbers to back it up. Thanks to a new release however, we now know everything. We know that this new Civic will come with a turbocharged 2.0 liter inline-four that can achieve 306 horsepower and a surprising 295 pounds of torque that mates to a one choice only six speed manual.


That 306 horsepower engine? It is the came direct injected, VTEC turbocharged 2.0 that is used in the Euro Spec Civic Type R. Peak torque is achieved at 2500 rpm and peak horsepower at 6500 whereas the redline is around 7000. So while this may be a little down compared to the Ford Focus RS, the front wheel Civic is almost guaranteed to come in lighter, as Honda has stated this version will be lighter than the standard Civic which weighs less than the Focus.

Check out some videos online if you want to see this new vehicle in action, otherwise you will be waiting until late spring. Let me know if you like the new Civic, or if you are waiting for something different. Have a great day everyone, I will see you next time!

Honda Civic Type R 2017